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“‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘Plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.'” – Jeremiah 29:11

CoachSummit2013My trip to Vegas for Coach Summit 2013 set me on FIRE!

It was just what I needed to get focused on using the talents, abilities and passion God has given me to help others with their health and fitness. I’ve done a lot of thinking and soul searching since the Coach Summit and I’m ready to take things to another level in order to honor and glorify God.

I’m going to continue growing Underground Fitness Revolution and my Beachbody business based on Honesty, Integrity and Character while loving God, loving people and serving others.

We ALL have a responsibility to take care of the body God gave us as well as our health. It is our duty but it doesn’t stop with us. We need to love and serve others as well. However, I cannot do this alone. I need your help.

I want to educate, motivate and inspire you. I want you to join my team and help me reach more people. Together, we can help “End the Trend” of obesity and really make a difference in other people’s lives for the better. This will be a leadership and mentorship program.

Here’s an overview of what being a Beachbody Coach is all about. This covers the basic Beachbody Coach information and my videos below go into my Leadership and Mentorship program: http://renegadenate.com/join-my-team/


BAM!! Eric (bottom), Todd (middle) and Nate (top) performing a triple-stack plank in front of the Bellagio in Vegas yo!

Although that page answers a few basic questions, what I’m putting together is a true Leadership, Training, Education and Mentorship program. This includes monthly meetings to help you grow as a person and give you the tools you need to help and motivate others to get in shape and improve their health. My Coaching Leadership Program will help you in all other areas of your life as well. And should you choose to grow your Beachbody business, I will give you all the training, education and tools you need to succeed.

If you have benefited from my coaching, support, training and nutrition at Underground Fitness Revolution, or if you use or have used Shakeology or a Beachbody training program, or if someone has asked you about working out, how to lose weight or what you’ve done to get fit and healthy, then you are already doing exactly what I’m talking about.

Please invite family, friends or anyone else you know that has an interest in weight loss, fitness, health, making some extra money, owning their own business or becoming financially free watch the videos below where I share my mission, vision and passion for what I’m doing and why I need your help and how you can help change many lives in the process. When you’re ready to join my team, please contact me!





Kevin and Nate at Coach Summit Super Saturday Workout 2013 yo!

Have a blessed day yo!


Protein, Produce, Healthy Fats, and Water!

“Every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you; I give all to you, as I gave the green plant.” – Genesis 9:4

I’ve spoken about “protein, produce, healthy fats, and water” many times. It is the principle and guideline for the nutrition recommendations I provide my coaching clients. It has taken me more than 25 years of research, study and self-experimentation to come up with this simple phrase that sums up what I believe is the BEST way for you to reach your goals whether it be fat loss, improved health or muscle gain. And it’s backed up by research from plenty of others including the Whole30 and in books like It Starts with Food and Primal Blueprint.

SuperheroNutritionUFRYes, it works that well. And experiments with The Ultimate Reset and Body Beast have continued to PROVE to me that it is the key to your body composition goals.

Today, I want to go over my “protein, produce, healthy fats, and water” guidelines so you have a better understanding of what it means and how to implement it with your daily nutrition.

These recommendations are not any different than what God instructed us from the beginning. After creating man, God said to Adam and Eve:

Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for food (Genesis 1:29-30).

If we follow God’s plan for our lives, we will have excellent health and reach our body composition goals easily. And it’s not just in the book of Genesis that God tells us what to eat and what is good for us. Throughout the bible, you’ll see references to various animals for meat (protein), various fruits and vegetables (produce), various oils, nuts and olives (healthy fats) and clean drinking beverages (water).

Don’t believe in God? Call it “Mother Earth” if you will, but the points remain the same and are still true.

Let’s review what “protein, produce, healthy fats, and water” looks like:

1.) Protein – Aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight or goal body weight.

If your goal weight is 135lbs, then aim for 135 grams of protein each day spread over all your meals and snacks. I recommend that women consume a MINIMUM of 100 grams of protein each day and most men should consume a MINIMUM of 150 grams of protein each day.

All high-quality meat, seafood, or eggs work. Try to buy local or from a farmer’s market whenever possible. For beef, try to buy grass-fed whenever possible (I like White Oak Pastures brand at Publix and also Florida Fresh Meat Company).

For seafood, always go with wild and not farmed. For poultry and pork, you can get whatever is most affordable but buy higher quality whenever possible. Poultry and pork are normally antibiotic and hormone free. If you eat wild game meat (venison, elk, bison, ostrich, rabbit, etc.), it’s going to be naturally “grass-fed” and is very healthy for you. You don’t have to buy cage-free eggs as many brands are not regulated as they should be so you’re paying a lot more for something not much better than regular eggs or eggs you can buy locally from your farmer’s market.

But don’t eat a 2-3 ounce portion of meat or 1-2 eggs and think it will fill you up or satisfy you! You need to eat larger portions (4-8 ounces) to help meet your daily protein needs and to keep you full and satisfied. Other high-quality protein sources include Shakeology, grass-fed whey protein, plain Greek yogurt (no sweetened versions), cottage cheese (2-4% fat and only in moderation), and vegetarian sources such as hemp, pea, or brown rice protein.

For the best results eliminate all dairy or keep it limited and within moderation (2-4 total servings/week). Please, do NOT drink milk. Milk causes osteoporosis (surprise!) because it actually leaches calcium from bone. Milk also makes you fat. Milk is completely unnecessary for humans beyond infancy.

Also, eating a higher protein intake will NOT damage your kidneys or cause other issues. The studies that reported such findings are wrong. Eat your protein!

2.) Produce (Carbs from Veggies and Fruits) – Aim for 50-100 grams per day for fat loss and health or 100-150 grams for maintenance or muscle gain.

Fill at least half your plate with vegetables. When eating produce, you need a large VOLUME of veggies to make up for having no starches! This is the biggest mistake I see when someone decides to use these guidelines. They eat 5 baby carrots or a half cup or less of vegetables thinking that it’s going to provide enough fiber, nutrients, and volume to make up for the starches they normally eat.

Remember, a cup of rice contains approximately 200 calories. A cup of spinach contains approximately 7 calories. If you skip the rice and replace it with vegetables, you need to need a lot more of them to help fill you up by providing the fiber and volume you need. Do NOT be afraid to eat a large serving of vegetables to help fill you up and provide the fiber and nutrients you need to facilitate weight loss, muscle gain, and improved health. No one gets fat from eating too many vegetables (but it could be the Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing they drench their vegetables in along with copious amounts of cheese, dried fruit, sugar-covered nuts, and other high calorie, high fat, high sugar, and low-quality items).

It doesn’t matter if you choose fresh, frozen, or even canned vegetables! I just want you to eat more vegetables and some fruit (in moderation) to get all the fiber and nutrients you need to reach your goals and be able to enjoy eating healthy and delicious meals. You don’t have to buy all your produce organically. In fact, if it’s a choice between just eating an apple or stressing about whether it’s organic or not, just eat the apple! I don’t care if it’s organic. Wash it off and eat the apple!

SaladI do recommend that you consume at least twice as many veggies as fruits each day. Consume no more than 1-2 servings of fruit each day preferably earlier in the day (before 2-3pm) and preferably no dried fruit. When following “protein, produce, healthy fats, and water” guidelines, the goal is to consume as little sugar as possible to force the body to burn fat for energy. If you’re constantly loading your body with starchy carbs, processed and refined carbs, and sugar, it can only burn so much each day for energy leaving you with plenty of fat storage that never gets utilized. Don’t fall for the myths that you need to “carb up” or that you need starchy carbs, grains, rice, pasta, cereal, bread, bagels, energy bars, granola, etc.

Our bodies do NOT need carbs to survive. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

There is no such thing as an “essential carbohydrate.” There are only essential amino acids (protein) and essential fatty acids (omega 3’s, 6’s, 9’s). That means we could survive on meat and fats if we had to and be perfectly fine. The reason why I want you to eat a ton of veggies and some fruit is because it helps to balance the acidity in the body (which helps prevent disease) and also because veggies and fruits provide fiber and a ton of nutrients and phytonutrients to help fight disease and keep you healthy.

Stop eating the cereal, bread, bagels, cookies, crackers, granola bars, grains, pasta, rice, packaged and processed refined carbs, sugar, “organic” junk food, and other garbage. Focus on veggies and fruit for ALL your carb sources. None of those starchy carbs or processed carbs are necessary or good for you. They are all junk food and should be avoided. Seriously!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

If you need some starchy carbs, I recommend only eating them within 1-2 hours immediately after an intense resistance training or metabolic workout. I recommend a variety of squash, sweet potatoes, yucca, potatoes (red, yellow, Yukon gold, purple) and maybe–for some–quinoa as your main form of starchy carbs in those instances (and maybe some white rice for hard-training athletes). Avoid rice, pasta, bread, and other so-called “healthy” carbs as they are not what they seem despite what the media and food manufacturers will have you believe. I can GUARANTEE that if you eat bread, cereal, grains, pasta, rice, and other processed carbs, you will GAIN weight and destroy your health. I know this for a FACT with my self-experimentation, study, experience working with clients, and research.

You’ll also get some residual carbs from your healthy fat sources such as nuts and nut butters. By eating produce, you’ll force your body to burn through stored sugars (glycogen) from carbs quickly so it can then use stored body fat as energy so you lose fat and get lean and healthy!

NEVER eat veggies, fruit or other carbs alone. You must ALWAYS include protein and/or healthy fats with carbs to prevent insulin levels from skyrocketing and causing fat gain. Also, protein and healthy fats help slow digestion and keep your blood sugar levels steady rather than constantly spiking your insulin levels and then feeling the crash or cravings for more sugar/carbs soon after creating a vicious cycle that is hard to break. All meals should contain protein and healthy fats and snacks should contain protein and/or healthy fats. See my Sample Meal Plan for ideas on how to structure your meals and snacks throughout the day.

3.) Healthy Fats – They make up the REMAINDER of your caloric needs.

Yes, you need a lot of healthy fats to burn body fat AND improve your health.

Here’s a simplified example of how it would work. Let’s say you are trying to lose weight and your goal body weight is 150 pounds.

Based on what I posted above, you would aim for 150 grams of protein (150 x 4 calories per gram of protein = 600 calories) and 100 grams of carbs (100 x 4 calories per gram of carbs = 400 calories) and get the rest of what you need from healthy fats.

For a 150lbs person trying to lose weight to reach that goal, we could use a basic calculation of 150lbs x 10 (1,500 calories) for an aggressive weight loss program.

Based on our current calculations of 150 grams of protein (600 calories) and 100 grams from produce/carbs (400 calories), we’re at 1,000 calories. That means we need 500 calories from healthy fats to reach our caloric goal of 1,500. At 9 calories per gram for fats (and 4 calories per gram from protein and carbs), that means we need approximately 55 grams of fats to reach our daily caloric needs (55 x 9 grams per calorie of fats = ~500 calories).

Again, this is a very simple calculation. There are other more accurate calorie calculators that you can use. I actually do NOT count calories (and don’t usually recommend you do so unless we need to figure out your baseline) and go strictly by how my clothes fit, my measurements, photos, how I look in the mirror, and what progress the scale shows (just don’t rely on the scale as a key indicator as I mentioned in this blog post – Step AWAY from the Scale!).

Heed this warning: Do NOT consume less than 1,200 calories per day no matter what your goal weight. That is considered a starvation diet and will actually halt your fat loss and weight loss progress. When following “protein, produce, healthy fats, and water” guidelines, you’ll actually find that you can eat MORE food and more total calories and still lose weight (fat). This is because it will boost your metabolism, increase muscle mass (provided you’re using some form of resistance training), and force your body to burn fat for energy so you stay leaner.

I recommend healthy fat sources such as grass-fed beef (loaded with omega 3’s and CLA), wild fish (salmon, tuna, mahi, grouper), olive oil, coconut oil, full-fat canned coconut milk, coconut manna, macadamia nut oil, avocados, whole eggs, raw nuts and seeds, nut butters, omega -3 fish oil supplements, other meats, full-fat organic dairy products (within moderation) and other healthy fat sources. This includes SATURATED fats. Do NOT try to avoid them when they come from the above-listed sources. The body needs saturated fats in order to function properly. Yes, you should consume more omega 3’s and other healthy fat sources, but don’t avoid all saturated fat.

Do not be afraid of coconut oil/manna or canned coconut milk because it contains a higher amount of saturated fat than other healthy fat sources. The fat in coconut is from medium-chain triglycerides (MCT’s) which are a fat-burning fat. You want that type of fat so your body burns body fat and keeps you healthy. I’ll write an article about coconut oil as it is one of my fat-burning secrets (I guess it’s not a secret now!).

The one fat you want to avoid is TRANS FAT. That is the only fat our body cannot process and it is the fat responsible for high cholesterol, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, and a host of other diseases. Trans fat comes from hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils and mono-diglycerides which are found in all processed foods and hidden in a lot of other foods including dressings, marinades, bread, cereal, cookies, cakes, chips, crackers, pies, pastries and other baked goods, granola, breakfast bars, energy bars, snacks, etc.

If it’s man made or comes in a box, it’s best to avoid it as it will contain some amount of trans fat (even though many products claim zero trans fats on the package – it’s a marketing ploy and is a lie!).

Stick to the sources I recommended, and you’ll be healthier and reach your goals. Just be sure to eat enough healthy fats to reach your caloric needs each day. It’s more than you think. And the good thing about fats, just like protein, is that they help keep you full and satisfied so you don’t start craving the sugar and processed or starchy carbs. And yes, healthy fats provide the energy you need and force your body to burn body fat! It’s a win-win!

4.) Water – Aim for a minimum of half your body weight in fluid ounces of water each day. If you weigh 150lbs, that’s a MINIMUM of 75 ounces each day. Don’t drink with meals. Before and after only and throughout the day. Get plenty of fresh, clean water each day and it will improve your complexion, digestion, elimination, and weight loss.

Avoid calorie-containing drinks whenever possible. Water is the best thing you can drink followed by unsweet green tea and coffee (1-2 cups) in moderation. Just don’t add fake creamers and sugar to your coffee. It’s best to use canned coconut milk or some almond milk and NO sugar or sweeteners. Black would be best.

Try to avoid flavored waters and other beverages as many contain artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners promote a “sweet tooth” and may have been linked to gut issues and health problems. I even recommend going easy on milk alternatives like almond milk and coconut milk even though they are far better than milk and many other beverages. As you should know by now, avoid soy milk (“there is no joy in soy!”), rice milk, soda (even diet), energy drinks, sports drinks, and fruit juice. Fruit juice (and dried fruit) is nothing more than concentrated sugar with very little nutrients. As I tell my coaching clients, “Eat the fruit, don’t drink the juice!”

That’s what it should look like! You won’t and shouldn’t be starving or hungry doing this and you will burn fat and lose weight. You’ll have more energy, improved sleep, increased alertness and concentration, and improved health.

Need recipe ideas? Try some of my recipes here: Nate’s Healthy Recipes!

EatThe80LogoI also use a program called Eat the 80 that I absolutely love! It makes life so much easier because I no longer have to shop, plan, prepare, cook, or clean because all the food is already prepared for me. All you do is “heat it and eat it!”

Yes, it does taste good and many of my coaching clients have used this program with much success. Not only do they lose weight, but they also learn how to follow the “protein, produce, healthy fats, and water” guidelines because the program follows the recommendations perfectly and helps make it a HABIT and a LIFESTYLE for them! And once it becomes a habit and lifestyle, it’s easy to do and leads to success!

If you have questions about “protein, produce, healthy fats, and water,” or if you have other fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and health questions, ask anytime at:


Crank it yo!