Short Intense Workouts are the Most Effective!

NateUFR12pmClass“The glory of young men is their strength. And the honor of old men is their gray hair.” – Proverbs 20:29

Since the beginning of 2013, I have been testing a few ideas regarding training and nutrition that I’ve known to be true and wanted to prove. I believe short intense workouts are the most effective way to lose fat, build muscle, increase strength and improve conditioning. I wanted to confirm if I was on the right track with what I’ve been doing for the past several years with my clients at Underground Fitness Revolution (UFR) as well as in my own training.

In “How I Train – Part 1,” I discussed my four-week training and nutrition program from January to February 2013. In “How I Train – Part 2,” I went over my four-week metabolic resistance training and nutrition program from February to March 2013. Since then, I’ve continued to test and try different things and have come to several conclusions that confirm what I’ve known to be true. This confirms that I’ve been on the right path to fitness, nutrition and health while helping my coaching clients achieve their goals.

I hinted at this in my article “10 Minutes to Jumpstart Your Metabolism,” and today I’m sharing what I’ve learned through self-experimentation during the past seven months but also during the last four or so years that I’ve run my fitness business working with many clients. The prior 20 years I’ve spent researching, studying, practicing and self-experimenting with fitness and nutrition were filled with numerous mistakes. It is those mistakes that helped shape my ideas, theories, practices, principles, methods and applications that I now use with myself and my coaching clients.

I’ve found that 1-3 daily short (20-25 minute) metabolic workouts a few times each week are FAR more effective than longer workouts. I’ve been testing this theory all year and have it dialed in perfectly now.

FocusT25PackageTVI’ve been performing the Focus T25 workouts fasted each morning (Mon – Fri) before breakfast (Shakeology) and 1-2 UFR workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s been extremely effective with my fat loss, strength and conditioning. I take weekends off (or perform light activity like Frisbee on the beach, playing in the ocean, performing the 25-minute Focus T25 “Stretch” recovery routine, foam rolling, etc.).

The great thing about short, intense metabolic workouts is that you can perform a lot of work and stay focused in 20-25 minutes with higher intensity. Then, you eat healthful foods, rest a few hours, and you can do it again. BAM!!

Even if you don’t have the time to perform more than one short intense workout each day, you can get amazing results in 25 minutes a day, 5 days/week with Focus T25 (more on that below). Our UFR clients get awesome results with only three high-intensity total-body metabolic resistance training sessions each week (9 total sessions every four weeks).

This past Monday, I went a little overboard and performed the Focus T25 Total-body Circuit fasted at 7:00 am and then performed UFR workouts at 9:00 am, 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

The last UFR workout was too much. I was already sore, tired and wasn’t able to lift as heavy. I should have only performed two training sessions for a total of three short sessions (Focus T25 and two UFR workouts). That’s still just over an hour of exercise for the entire day with more work completed than most people accomplish in several days.

That’s what I do most days now. I go easier on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and only perform one Focus T25 workout. Every once in a while I’ll complete a second session (the bonus “Core Speed” session is great for these days), or I’ll only do the “Stretch” session for recovery.

It may seem crazy or that I’m performing a lot of training but essentially that’s only 60-65 minutes of exercise (three 20-25 minute workouts) each day for a total of three days each week. I can guarantee that I do more high-quality and result-producing work in those 60 minutes than most people spending 1-2 hours in the gym thanks to my short, intense, highly focused sessions.

AnnJasonPushupsBy the way, this is what many of my Focus T25 Challengers are currently doing. They have Focus T25 workouts in the morning before breakfast (Mon – Fri) and UFR workouts once each day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It works!

My other coaching clients are only performing Focus T25 each day and they are seeing amazing results (most have lost 5-9lbs and several inches in their first 1-2 weeks).

This continues to prove what I’ve known and been doing at UFR during the last four years: short intense workouts are the most effective for fat loss, increased strength, muscle gain and conditioning. They are far more effective than longer workouts or what most people are doing in the gym or with a personal trainer.

Just to recap for those that think I’m crazy or have “all the time in the world” to train (time or money is not an excuse):

  • I train for approximately 60 minutes 3x/week (Mon, Wed and Fri) = 3 hours
  • I train for less than 30 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday = 1 hour
  • That’s a total of FOUR (4) hours of exercise per week. That’s LESS time than most people spend going to the gym each week (many people go 4-6x/week and/or workout 1-2 hours each time).
  • Even if I perform an extra session on Tuesday and Thursday, it’s still 5 hours or less of exercise per week.
  • This is still less time than most people spend going to the gym. It’s even less time than those performing P90x.
  • In the book The Metabolism Advantage by Dr. John Berardi, research shows that the most successful people who lose weight and keep it off train a minimum of 5 hours per week.
  • The difference is that I perform 1-3 SHORT, INTENSE workouts rather than longer, less productive sessions.
  • The average American watches 20 hours of TV each week. I spend less than five hours each week training.
  • My “Protein, Produce, Healthy Fats and Water” guidelines and the Whole30 absolutely works as does replacing one meal each day with Shakeology. Follow my guidelines or the Whole30 program and use Shakeology for incredible results and improved health.

This is why the high-intensity total-body metabolic resistance training sessions we perform at Underground Fitness Revolution are so effective and why I’m such a huge fan of Focus T25.

FocusT25PackageYou do NOT have to train as much as me to get awesome results. Remember, I’m very advanced and have worked up to this over time and consistent training. You can easily perform Focus T25 for 25 minutes a day, 5 days/week and see incredible results. I have coaching clients doing this and the results to prove it. The short, intense workouts are fun, energizing and provide amazing results in less than 30 minutes each day.

Some of my coaching clients are performing Focus T25 and our UFR workouts and also getting amazing results. That means they perform two workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and one workout on Tuesday and Thursday (a little more than 3 hours of exercise per week).

My coaching clients don’t find the time to exercise. They make the time. They schedule it with themselves. They wake up a little earlier each day to perform their Focus T25 session in the morning before breakfast (less than 30 minutes) or at another time during the day. And they schedule time to train with me three times each week in the afternoon or evening.

I believe everyone has the time to do this. Again, even if you have the busiest schedule in the world, you have 25 minutes a day, 5 days/week to nail it with Focus T25. It just depends on what you’re going to give up in order to make it a part of your schedule. To improve your fitness, nutrition and health (or anything else in your life), you’ll need to make sacrifices. You sacrifice one thing to gain another. It may mean watching less TV or spending less time on the computer. Don’t focus on what you’re giving up. Focus on what you’re gaining in the long run. Improved fitness and health has too many benefits to list and will be with you for the rest of your life. You can’t say that about all the other time wasters we focus on each day.

There’s a reason why I do what I do and highly recommend Focus T25. It works! I can help you because it is God’s purpose for me. It’s the reason He created me and gave me gifts, talents and abilities to fulfill this purpose in my life yo! I want to coach you to success. Contact me and let’s do it together with short, intense workouts and proper nutrition.

- Nate

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